Saturday, August 23, 2014

Foodie thoughts : Veggie pizza

The crust is store bought. We chopped Tomatoes, onions, green bell pepper and mushrooms. We made our own pizza sauce using tomato paste, oregano, basil, rosemary, garlic, dash of salt and pepper. And of course some shredded cheese

Cheesecake pretending to knead dough

Finished product ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Run route view and thoughts

Ran 6 miles on Wednesday from my apartment all the way to central park. I turned left at 86th street from amsterdam and went to finish my last mile at the park. It was raining from my neighborhood but stopped at 130th street. I was already on the road when it started raining and it was too late to go back home. Good thing i stashed a ziplock bag in my fanny pack to protect my wallet and phone. I finished the run a little over an hour and I felt great afterwards. I was afraid of crashing like I did during that last 11 mile run I did a week ago.

Here are some photos of the cool stuff I saw while I was running:

look at those scary clouds

just ran past my future university -city college of new york

church by the cathedral parkway

display on a hardware store

beautiful lake and weather

so serene

thats one sexy dawg, I mean the dog
patriotic runners?

cute jogger. hehe

dont ask me why but they were wearing boots at 86 degrees!

crossing the street. check left

crossing the street, check right

museum at 77

shake shack

crossing the street again before going to the train

Friday, August 8, 2014

Run route view and thoughts

Ran 11 miles yesterday after a 7 day hiatus. We have been busy hauling things from my husband's granny's apartment. She passed away 2 weeks ago and we had to help his mom get rid of some things and salvage whatever still has value.

We took home a few items like an old medicine cabinet and beat up drawer. We plan to repaint it but havent decided on the color yet.

Another important heirloom we found was this

star of david 

Yes a star of david from his great great grandfather who is a German Jew. My husband was not indoctrinated as a Jew growing up. He and I both grew up as Christians by default. Nevertheless I feel very strongly about supporting a country who has been subject to constant condemnation and attack by ruthless criminals and biased kangaroo court (United Nations). I am still in shock over the crazy things happening these past few weeks with words of hostility and insult being hurled at Israelis and collectively Jews because of the chaos in the Middle East. I just pray that there will be a longer truce or ceasefire because noone really ever wins in a war. I also hope the madness in Iraq against the Christians, perpetrated by the ISIS would end soon and with minimal damage or sadly deaths..I can only hope and pray. And i pray for less stupid people who take advantage of any tragedy to spew hatred and antisemitism.

Anything about religion nowadays is just too emotionally taxing which is kind of ironic. So im going to veer away from that topic and go back to what this blog is all about again.  running and food.

Anyways, I ran at Central Park yesterday and couldnt help but be captivated by the wonderful view of the park and also the reservoir. Also took some photos of runners and cyclists. Place was teeming with people even on a weekday.


central park

runners making me eat their dust

duck and the beautiful reservoir

more ducks

I finished strong and managed to get on the train back home. But i was bushed when I got to our apartment. i even prepared dinner eventhough i felt like shit the entire evening. I felt better though after eating dinner.

mongolian bbq seitan
Tonight we had congee and tofu for dinner. No workout today just rest and cooking and doing the dishes and of course surfing the net

Im a happy camper=) and so is my favorite guinea pig, the spouse. Who said he loved the meal. Mission accomplished!